Walks above the clouds

The loveliest walks above the low-lying cloud in Central Switzerland. Get out there into the warming autumn sunshine and enjoy distant views above the sea of clouds.
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Hiking Trail · UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch

Fürstein - a walk between Waldemme and Lake Sarnen

July 13, 2017
8.8 km
4:15 h
690 m
690 m
This mountain walk on the Fürstein leads through the wonderful scenery of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch and Obwalden.
from UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch,   Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
Nature Trails · Engelberg

Brunni Trail

June 20, 2018
7.3 km
2:19 h
293 m
294 m
The Brunni Trail panoramic round walk is an educational trail through flowering alp pastures that offers unique views of the Titlis and surrounding ...
from Engelberg - Titlis Tourismus,   Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
Nature Trails · Einsiedeln

Lake Sihl panoramic path

September 13, 2018
9.4 km
2:34 h
146 m
147 m
This thematic trail with nine interpretation panels offers a wealth of information on the region and the contrasts between then and now.
from Schwyz Tourismus,   Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
Hiking Trail · Central Switzerland

Hämikon Berg - Horben - Hämikon Berg

September 13, 2018
11.2 km
2:57 h
115 m
115 m
A walk with plenty of views above the sea of clouds.
from Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee,   Seetal Tourismus
September 14, 2018
17.1 km
5:22 h
508 m
815 m
The walk starts on the Menzberg, which is often above the low-lying cloud in autumn, and takes you to the summit of the Napf with its fantastic views.
from Willisau Tourismus,   Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
Hiking Trail · Weggis

Natural treasures on mount Rigi

July 19, 2018
8.7 km
2:49 h
62 m
1068 m
12 information panels are located on the trail between Rigi First and Hinterbergen. These panels offers an insight into the biodiversity of Mt Rigi ...
from Luzern Tourismus AG,   Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
Hiking Trail · Ennetbürgen

Bürgenstock Cliff Path

September 21, 2018
4.4 km
1:43 h
275 m
275 m
The cliff path, which takes you past striking rock ledges and beneath trees, offers incredible views of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains. 
from Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee,   Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
July 19, 2018
21.8 km
6:39 h
483 m
981 m
The mountain pass area of the Klausen is without doubt one of the most scenic in Switzerland. The route follows the high-level Schächental path ...
from Luzern Tourismus AG,   Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee
Hiking Trail · Gurtnellen

Arni-Gurtnellen Dorf

September 11, 2018
6.5 km
1:55 h
46 m
482 m
The easy hike from Arni to Gurtnellen village leads through gnarled mountain forests and colourful flower-spangled meadows, past rustic Alpine ...
from Andermatt-Urserntal Tourismus GmbH / Tel. +41 41 888 71 00 / info@andermatt.ch / www.andermatt.ch,   Andermatt-Urserntal Tourismus
Hiking Trail · Sarnen

Over the Schlierengrat

September 24, 2018
10.4 km
3:16 h
419 m
419 m
This wonderful round walk in the largest continuous stretch of moorland in Switzerland is notable for its views and the diversity of its flora.
from Obwalden Tourismus,   Region Luzern-Vierwaldstättersee