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We are a team of dedicated athletes, nature lovers and photographers. The outdoors is both our passion and our element and as a Pro+ user, we're inviting you to join us along the way. This channel aims to share our personal recommendations with you alongside everything you need to know about our trips.

Outdooractive's Premium Routes provide you with our highest quality content: accurate tracks, reliable descriptions and captivating imagery. All Premium Routes can be saved offline and their tracks downloaded.

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  • Mountainbiker in Südtirol
    Mountainbiker in Südtirol
    Foto: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Editors
  • Herbstliche Wanderung
    Foto: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Editors
  • Reiten in Muderbolz im Oberallgäu
    Foto: Andreas Reimund, CC BY-ND, Reimund-Fotografie
  • Skitour auf den Litnisschrofen
    Foto: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Editors
  • Über felsiges Gelände erreichen wir bald die ersten Leitern
    Foto: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Premium
  • Aussichtspunkt Kojenstein
    Foto: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Editors


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